About Us

SOS Mobile SA (Pty) Ltd is an Importer, Distributor and Reseller of various brands of computers, tablets, accessories and cordless phones.
SOS Mobile SA was incorporated in 2005.
The investments made in South Africa are very strong and the company believes that this is a market of opportunities.

SOS Mobile SA is in a development period and its short term objective is to develop strong partnerships with key market players in order to create a business network that allows the company to be successful in its growing strategy.

SOS Mobile SA is a company that is client oriented, with a permanent interest in the continuous improvement of service quality. It has a huge focus on detail.

For its success it’s mandatory to be accurate with performance. For SOS Mobile quality and customer satisfaction are determinant factors.

SOS Mobile SA is a Level 1 BBBEE company with 50% black female ownership and employs 100% PDIs (Previously Disadvantaged Individuals).

SOS Mobile SA contributes more than 10%of its profits towards Social Development annually.


Our Mission

SOS Mobile aims to become one of the leading supplier of Information Technology Equipment, Accessories and cordless phones in the Southern African market with the objective of ensuring customer satisfaction, consequently, increasing its brand loyalty.

We believe that the permanent challenge to our capacities and the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers, employees and share holders’ expectations, based on ethics, professionalism, accuracy, team spirit and innovation, ensure us the leadership foundations in all our businesses.



  • Maintenance and Repair of mobile and cordless phones

    Levels of technical intervention:

    - 0, 1, 2, 2.5

    - 2.5e (3)

    - 5 (on out of warranty phones only)

  • SW uploads, upgrades and reboots

  • Prototype tests (GCF)

  • Prototype tests (GCF)


  • Sales of mobile phones, cordless phones and accessories

  • Sales of computers

  • Sales of Tablet/Slate Devices

  • Sales of Accessories (IOT)

  • Vodacom Corporate Dealer (Voice)

  • Vodacom Converged Solutions Reseller

  • Field Marketing

  • In-Store Promotions

  • Training

About The Company

SOS Mobile South Africa develops and manages the Siemens Repair Centres (LSP – Local Service Partners) in the SADC region - Southern Africa Development Countries., Included in this community are: Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Madagascar, Kenya and Mauritius.

Competitive Advantages

One of the reasons that made SOS Mobile start its activity in Africa was the belief that its experience can produce competitive advantages in such an emergent market.

These advantages can be summarized in 4 groups:

Management Competencies

Telecommunications Business Knowledge

We know the telecommunications business. We’ve acquired a significant experience in a market that is,
today, one of the most developed in Africa, with innovative products and leading edge technologies that sustain extremely developed services.

Implementation Capacity

We’ve been growing in a financially consistent way.
We know that in order to collect we have to invest and we’ve been investing. All our objectives have been achieved in a perspective of innovation and enlargement of our activity.

Technical Competencies

Manufacturer recognition as EMEA “benchmark” for repair services

The proof of our competencies is the close partnership we had with our clients and the progressive responsibilities we’ve been assuming in that relationship.

Specialized Professionals

All our staff have specialized skills in sales, technical and administration.
Training is one of our biggest bets and one of our reasons for success

Financial capacity

We want to grow in a financially consistent way.
We are ambitious but realistic. This is why we’ve been ensuring our financial health in a way that allows us to face new challenges such as the one we are proposing now.

Strategic relationships

Everywhere we’ve been working, we’ve created important strategic relationships.
In South Africa we have a strong relationship with Vodacom, Cell-C. and MTN.
Our target is to enhance these relationships becoming preferred partners for these operators.

Market Attraction

The South African market is a very attractive market for SOS Mobile for several reasons:

  • It is an emerging market, with great growth potential both in products and services;

  • Its competitiveness will reward a strategy of quality and detail in which we’ve been very successful;

  • It is a market culturally and economically favorable to the implementation of a company with SOS Mobile characteristics of quality, speed and market focus.

  • SOS Mobile SA is fully compliant with the South African BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) legislation. It has been rated independently as a level 1 BBBEE contributor

Why Us?


  • Highly qualified technicians

  • Salaries above market rates with incentive structures that encourage team work and productivity

  • Ongoing training


Level 2,5e laboratory (3):

  • Leading edge technology equipment

  • Willtek 3100 GSM Tester

  • “Advantest” spectrum analysers

  • “Fluke” multimeters

  • “Rodhe & Schwarz” power suppliers

  • All technical equipment is periodically calibrated by certified organisations (Attachment F)


  • Focus on exceeding Client expectations

  • Focus on creating good working conditions and investing in leading-edge technology

  • Focus on on-going training of our people

  • Results driven